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We Help People Seek Relief from Debt Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Norfolk, VA and the Surrounding Areas

Anyone can face unexpected financial troubles and wind up deep in debt. When you have outstanding debts that you can’t keep up with, bankruptcy can offer you relief. Bankruptcy is a legal process that may allow you to eliminate or greatly reduce your debt so that you can get your financial wellness back on track. Winchester, Pedigo & Goolsby, PLC is a federally designated debt relief agency. Our attorneys help people file Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Norfolk, VA and throughout the Hampton Roads region. We also provide debt settlement services, which means negotiating with creditors to reduce the amount you owe or create a reasonable payment plan without involving the bankruptcy court. Our attorneys will work directly with you to assess your unique situation and guide you to a personalized solution.  


Liquidation under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the simplest and most common form of consumer bankruptcy. When you file a Chapter 7, you can expect to eliminate most of your debts for a fresh start and stop wage garnishments, foreclosure actions, car repossessions and other stressful debt collection activities by your creditors. You will be entitled to protect certain assets from your bankruptcy estate, but if your assets exceed your allowable exemptions, the trustee appointed to your case might be required to sell those assets. We can help you determine if this is the appropriate action for your situation and help you file the paperwork so that you can get a successful discharge without losing your essential assets.  

Repay Your Debts and Start Fresh by Filing Chapter 13 With Our Professional Assistance

When you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you and your attorney submit a plan to repay your debts over a three to five-year period. The amount of your payment is dependent upon a number of factors enumerated in the Bankruptcy Code, including your income and living expenses. At the end of the three to five-year period, most remaining unsecured debts will typically be discharged. Chapter 13 is often the right choice for debtors who did not qualify for Chapter 7 due to the means test, or those who want to be sure that they won’t lose assets in the process. Getting a Chapter 13 plan accepted by the court is challenging, which is why you should file with the help of an experienced attorney at Winchester, Pedigo & Goolsby, PLC. When you partner with us, you’ll work directly with a bankruptcy attorney to get the personalized guidance and representation you need to file Chapter 13 successfully.  

Our Attorneys Can Help You Negotiate a Fair Debt Settlement

In some cases, bankruptcy is not the best option for someone struggling with debt. When you contact us, we will analyze your current situation including your debts, income, living expenses, and any other information regarding your personal budget. Then, we’ll determine a realistic solution. If you choose to utilize our debt settlement services, we’ll contact your creditors and ensure that all further communications are directed toward us so that you won’t have to hear from them again. Our attorneys will fight to negotiate a fair settlement with your creditors and then arrange with you a plan to set aside the settlement money. Contact us today to start with a free initial consultation and learn more about your potential options. We’re looking forward to meeting you and helping you start fresh without debt. 

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Brian Alexander Scott
10/28/2022 - Google

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Brenda Blunt
10/28/2022 - Google

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